Production Management 

Executing your vision is an important part of your production. Gripp Productions specializes in organization and efficiency, ensuring that your vision is properly communicated. We can help you with all aspects of your music or theater project by assisting in the logistics of your production such as: planning effective rehearsals, marketing, venue selection, and event planning so that you can focus on the art.

Production Development 

Need some help getting your idea off the ground? Gripp Productions has the experience and resources to bring your project to life. Whether you have an idea that you can't seem to get from your brain onto the page, or you're unsure of what next steps to take with your fully-formed project, we can help make your dream a reality.










Song Writing

GOT BEATS? Gripp Productions has a songwriting and recording team that can bring your track to the next level. If you need a hook written and recorded, a demo or a complete project we got you.


Performance Coaching

Our team can help you improve your stage presence and performance with personalized coaching from professional performing artists. 


Take your career to the next level by using our booking services. We provide professional services to artists who want to be taken seriously. We'll work as your agency with venues and vendors on your behalf to coordinate dates. compensation and more. 


Give your bio, play or book an industry standard look and feel by using our editing services. We provide artists, authors and playwrights professional proof reading, editing and formatting services sure to impress your audience.