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Tianna Glass-Tripp

Tianna Glass-Tripp leads the writing division of Gripp Productions. She is a playwright, comedic writer, and storyteller living in Hartford, CT. Since childhood, Tianna has enjoyed regaling friends and family with stories, whether they're real or completely made up. But it was only in the last ten years that she's been making a career out of it.


With her writing, Tianna attempts to amplify the voices of everyday queer people and people of color. In 2010, she created the blog Things Black People Do In Hartford. The blog served both as an attempt to integrate entertainment venues that often suffered from a lack of diversity, and to end the myth that there is "nothing to do in Hartford." In 2014, Tianna turned her eye to the stage and co-wrote the book for the musical Purpose Cafe, which made its debut at Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford. In 2016, her short play Back to Beaver Creek was a finalist in Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 10-Minute Play Festival. Her live-action sketch comedy show, Worst Date Ever, sold out Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford.


Tianna has worked as a director and production manager for several local theater productions, has collaborated with friends to write and develop two web series, and is a contributor to the Northend Agents newspaper. In addition to writing, Tianna is an intuitive tarot reader and healer. 


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