Established in 2013, Gripp Productions is a creative consulting team, and a theater and music company with a focus on community. We are partners in life and in business, and we longed for platforms to share our work, as well as the work of our talented friends. We work to provide support and professional services for artists, cultivate partnerships and collaborations between them and organizations that need them, and carve out spaces where there are none. We believe in community theater and independent artists; creating opportunities for both in our own work. We also provide professional development opportunities, and project/production management services. 

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter, Co-owner of and Creative Director at Gripp Productions. Social Justice and Animal Rights Activist, Critical Thinker, Homie, Lover, Friend.

Playwright, comedian, storyteller and Co-owner and Creative Director at Gripp Productions. Passionate about LGBTQI+ rights, feminism/womanism. Tarot reader and healer. #restingniceface

Charmagne Glass-Tripp

Tianna Glass-Tripp


Our mission is to write, create, produce, and to be an incubator for original work. Gripp Productions aims to highlight the voices and stories of marginalized groups including, but not limited to, Black and LGBTQi communities.



Inclusion. Collaboration. Excellence. 

We understand that working with people from many different backgrounds helps us do our best work. As creative entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of exchanging ideas inter-culturally, inter-generationally and in a variety of genres. We think it is important to learn from and share with each other. We believe in providing valuable support to our clients and partners, and a quality experience to our supporters.